Retaining walls are a must to ensure the stability of structures and landscaping on sloping land. While retaining walls have to be sturdy and functional, a custom-built natural stone wall will also add value and aesthetic distinction to your home or property. At ShamROCK Stonemasons, we have years of experience in building retaining walls, so let us know what look and function you’re pursuing.

To preserve the long-lasting integrity of your home or property. Retaining walls are essential for maintaining the stability of a concerned area by preventing soil erosion. A well-built retaining wall from ShamROCK Stonemasons is suitable for use in bushfire prone areas, is load bearing and unaffected by foot traffic or heavy pot plants, will assist with storm-water management and requires little to no maintenance.

To increase the usable area of your land. Retaining walls allow you to terrace and divide a sloping landscape, increasing the functional and level area which can be utilised as gardens, seating, accent features or outdoor living spaces. A unique element natural hand-cut stone offers is the ability to create curving retaining walls to complement the lay of the land or to temper the look of a stark square plot. Additionally retaining walls reduce water run-off, so much needed rainwater soaks into your thirsty Perth garden, rather than being lost to storm-water drains. This water retention is also important for protecting; shared water systems from harmful amounts of introduced nutrients, surrounding environments from garden pesticides.

Stonemasonry is an ancient craft which typically involves using hand-shaped quarried stone to build features and structures, with or without the use of mortar. Walls built without mortar are known as dry stone or stacked walls. Another method of stonework that omits the use of mortar is Gabion stone walls, or simply put, a mesh form, filled with stone. As every piece of work completed by our team is unique and built to last, when you embark on your project with us, you can avoid the same deteriorating or unoriginal walls you see scattered about your neighbourhood.

ShamROCK Stonemasons source an extensive range of stone to ensure an ideal end result. We can work with any type of natural stone which provides our clients with ample choice when opting for a bespoke retaining wall in Perth and surrounding areas. We also construct and repair in accordance with heritage requirements, as well as in classic, modern and functional styles, and will assist you with selecting your best options.

ShamROCK Stonemasons offers a personalised service throughout the building process. We work with our clients from initial concept and throughout construction to ensure the finished project delivers more than expected. To view some of our completed designs, browse our page and web gallery. We provide our services to clients all over Perth and surrounding regions.

For a lasting retaining wall of bespoke charm on your Perth property, please contact us today. If you’ve got any other questions, just get in touch via our contact form, email or give Shane a call on 0457 869 019. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!