Stone Cladding Perth

Stone BBQ chimney in PerthNatural stone cladding, is quarried stone cut into thin pieces and has been used extensively in architecture, as early as the nineteenth century. Typically the cladding is applied to a structure or base of a different material (such as concrete or brick) using adhesive. Increasingly, Perth property owners are choosing to add stone cladding to their homes and businesses to gain the benefits of this proven, contemporary process.

Benefits of natural stone cladding for Perth properties

Choosing this option provides a range of terrific benefits, such as:

  • Improving the appeal and appearance of a property. The timeless and enduring quality of natural stone will have you enjoying its unique features for decades to come. With a wide range of colours, and textural possibilities, no two surfaces in Perth with stone cladding could look identical, providing a bespoke distinction to any property.
  • Providing the desired result for great value. Using full-size pieces of natural stone can be unsuitable for some Perth properties due to the weight of the stone, in these instances any structural changes may not be cost-effective. Natural stone cladding, offers a solution in such cases without compromising the envisioned finished look.
  • Installation is aesthetic not structural. This means that the required changes or additions to a surface can be effected much more efficiently than a project using stone for structural purposes, and more options regarding stone layout and symmetry can be explored.
  • Idyllic durability. As you would expect, natural stone cladding offers a high level of resistance to the harshness of our West Australian climate, making it a reliable addition to any Perth property.

Reasons for choosing ShamROCK Stonemasons

For natural stone cladding, Perth home and property owners are increasingly trusting our team to undertake their projects. Here’s why:

  • We are a local family-owned and operated company that understands the conditions unique to WA. Our comprehensive experience of natural stone projects abroad and interstate have proven our innovative approach to traditional Irish techniques, delivers lasting results to our clients.
  • ShamROCK’s skilful craftsmen, under the precise direction of our extensively experienced Master Stonemason, understand the artisan-ship necessary to achieve an exceptional natural stone cladding feature. Perth properties home and business owners have unique access to local natural, quarried stone and expertise cultivated from all over the globe.
  • Professional aptitude is matched with a helpful and flexible approach. We have far-reaching experience working collaboratively with property owners, designers, architects, builders and others to achieve the outcome desired, which will stand the test of time.

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Once you contact us, we take the time to find out precisely what you require from your natural stone cladding project and our careful quotation is accompanied by detailed scheduling.

Take advantage of the exclusive knowledge and advice we offer our Perth clients, accumulated through many years of successfully completed projects that showcase the stunning transformation natural stonework can provide.

If you have a project idea for Perth or surrounding regions, contact us to discuss your natural stone cladding concept.

If you’ve got any other questions, just get in touch via our contact form, email or give Shane a call on 0457 869 019. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!