Our carefully selected team, offers extensive knowledge and experience, obtained in-country and abroad, to provide exemplary advice and handicraft. From concept to construction we provide any information needed, at every phase to ensure your brief is created and completed as you envisioned. Whether it be classic and purely functional or heritage listed, from modern/sleek to rustic/eclectic we will always showcase our best work in the natural stone you have chosen.


ShamROCK founder and director, Shane Patrick Campbell expressed a keen interest in the craft from an early age, and through his teen years, fulfilled a traditional apprenticeship, mentored by seasoned craftsman in his native home of Ireland. This stretch of education and training covered all aspects and mediums of natural stone, suited to varying purposes such as the practical, aesthetic and structural. He was able to excel during this time and immediately earned himself a permanent position once fully qualified, allowing him to continue gaining knowledge through his experiences across the country.

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Exterior Design
6 month
November 22, 2020

Stonemasonry is one of the world’s oldest crafts, and we draw on our Irish heritage and tradition to offer the very best in timeless stonework. We use natural, quarried stone which is shaped by hand and laid with or without mortar, harnessing methods and skills that are centuries old. The result is a look that is as durable as it is beautiful, and that bears many facets of ancient charm.

To provide you with the look you’re aspiring to, we will advise on (and adopt) the use of any type of stone required to achieve the envisioned scale and finish of your project.








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Incredible Result

We provide the highest quality stonework for a variety of construction projects and our natural stone can bring charm to any interior or garden project. We provide everything from stone walls and paving, to large scale architectural structures such as our work on the National Arboretum in Canberra. Perth renovations are another area we’re happy to offer ideas and expertise. For example we can consult on restoration, renewal and additional accents, like a stunning water feature, an inviting gateway or a pizza oven for nights outside under the stars. For smaller structural builds, our craftsmanship is also ideal. We have extensive experience in retaining walls, archways and steps & landings. From inspiration to restoration, we’ll make your stonework dreams, reality.