About ShamROCK Stonemasons of Perth

Master Stonemasons

Personalised service

Our carefully selected team, offers extensive knowledge and experience, obtained in-country and abroad, to provide exemplary advice and handicraft. From concept to construction we provide any information needed, at every phase to ensure your brief is created and completed as you envisioned. Whether it be classic and purely functional or heritage listed, from modern/sleek to rustic/eclectic we will always showcase our best work in the natural stone you have chosen.

Our Master Stonemason

ShamROCK founder and director, Shane Patrick Campbell expressed a keen interest in the craft from an early age, and through his teen years, fulfilled a traditional apprenticeship, mentored by seasoned craftsman in his native home of Ireland. This stretch of education and training covered all aspects and mediums of natural stone, suited to varying purposes such as the practical, aesthetic and structural. He was able to excel during this time and immediately earned himself a permanent position once fully qualified, allowing him to continue gaining knowledge through his experiences across the country.

Shane migrated to Australia almost a decade ago bringing the traditional skills and practices that sees stone structures in Ireland lasting centuries, as well as an innovative edge that produces a ‘timeless look’ when working on contemporary projects and established projects alike. Throughout his time in Australia, Shane’s workmanship and practised expertise has landed him opportunities to work on several prestigious projects such as the award-winning National Arboretum, alongside highly esteemed architects, builders and tradespeople.

Our Craft

Stonemasonry is one of the earliest trades in history and only the last 150 years or so, have seen much change in the approach to this craft. Even with some great innovations, techniques used over millennia are still being practiced to this day, and stone as an exterior or interior medium, continues to be used for its versatility and stunning textural impact. Simply put, traditional stonework uses natural, quarried stone that is individually shaped by hand and laid with or without mortar to form the desired structure or surface.

If you are interested in joining our professional tradespeople or would like the opportunity to develop your skills, please contact us via shamrockstonemasons@gmail.com